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How an Average Individual Earned $1346 Just Through His Natural Afro Hair?

You often see hair as a reflection of the identity because it is both personal and public. When hair is too fine, too dry, too frizzy, turning grey or start falling, their self-esteem starts shattering. This deep personal relationship between hair and an individual is related throughout history, science and even religion. Hair and beauty is a multibillion-dollar industry. For centuries, people have been able to play different roles by just changing hairstyles, and from their tales, we can observe that hair contributes greatly to their behavior, actions and motives.

African hair has always been in highlights. Real Afro hair is frizzy and puffed also black and thick comparatively. Though people have always been judgmental about Afro hair, it has always attracted people.

One such guy Michael Petrolini, 23 years of age and from Italy, managed to gain more than 1200 euro in the 4 months spent around Japan and Taiwan just through his attractive Afro hair. This may sound weird and suspicious, but Michael Petrolini just patrolling around Taiwan and Japan earned approx $1346 (1200 Euros). He got himself intimidated by the culture of Japan. The people there were fascinated by his Afro hair and attracted attention. His hair is Italian- African and are consequently typical curly and dark. Just like children, people could not wait to touch them and play with them; also people treated him like an anti depressant.

He was called Mr. Microphone, Mr. Broccoli, Mr. Noodles also Sideshow because of the unusual appearance of the hair. So, he decided to become a kind of "street artist”. He just took a sign in his hand and with big Afro hair, he just started taking 5 TND in Taiwan (20 approximately cents) in Japan to touch the crown. He shot the entire Taiwan and Japan with minimum expenses and documenting in an original way one of many cultural differences between the Eastern and Western world.

People started taking selfies with him in order to show the great ethnic diversity and demonstrate how a simple physical trait can be used to get a financial gain, become an attraction and socialize with someone who appears unusual. He had a desire to motivate people and he chose his hair as medium.

Buy Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers from a Trusted Company

In today’s fast-paced world, we often overlook the importance of adopting cleanliness measures. It is rightly said that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Forgetting the importance of it, we continue to serve our busy schedules, which oftentimes result in severe infections and other serious problems. We must inculcate the tidy habits in each and every work we do. Right from washing the hands with the best hand sanitizer to using the cleansing agents for utensils, the habit of keeping us and our surroundings clean must be a lifetime habit to practice.

A vast array of products are used now a days like sanitizers, body washes, liquid dish-washers, electronic cleaners through which you can prevent from several invisible microorganisms present in the environment. Small unhealthy habits can lead to serious diseases and then, it snatches your hard-earned money to get fit again. Therefore, it’s always better to prevent ourselves from unhygienic daily routine habits.

Creating a beautiful house or any other building without maintaining it can result in its shorter span and less longevity. Inculcating cleanliness measures in day-to-day life can work wonders. After all, “A healthy mind takes birth in a healthy body”. Again, mere usage of the products is not important, simultaneously focusing on the ingredients used matters a lot. Many companies put mix alcohol as well as other harmful ingredients in the products, which could again lead to serious repercussions.

Handy germ-free products are all you need to carry & use with ease. Whether you are at home, travelling or going to the office every day, you can just add few quality products to your basket and maintain a healthy living. So, if you are the person conscious of the urge to live a healthy and hygienic life, GermBloc is the best and most trusted brands for you. The company excels in creating top-of-the-line alcohol-free hand sanitizers and other hygienic products that are made from natural ingredients. The quality products offered by them are highly effective in killing germs and bacteria while keeping you and your loved ones safe, healthy and happy.

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Get the Best BBQ Gloves to Keep Your Hands Safe during Grill Sessions

Barbeque events are no longer limited to hotels and restaurants. These days, you can organize a barbeque event right at your backyard and spend some glorious time with your friends and family. Barbeque turns out to be a perfect excuse to host a lively get together along with your loved ones. However, you must make sure that you opt for the right tools and accessories to make sure that you are safe and well-protected from the risks and dangers associated with barbeque.

One of the important accessories that should always be used while preparing a barbeque meal is barbeque gloves. It is the BBQ gloves that protect you from the heat and burns. These gloves can also be used while you are baking something and even during the grilling and the cooking.

These heat-resistant gloves will also keep you away from the stains and getting your hands smelly and stinky. These days, you can purchase Ekogrips that is a guaranteed solution for all the barbeque burns and heat. These gloves are manufactured with 100 percent pure renewable silicone, which is approved by the FDA. Ekogrips can handle countless cooking and grilling scenarios with a surety of keeping your hands dry and safe. They are BPA-free as they are made up of highest rated and most popular silicone. These BBQ Gloves are 100% waterproof and they can be used for a number of purposes. Their heat resistance capacity goes up to 425 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The non-slip texturing of Ekogrip gloves insures a firm grip even on the hot pans utensils and pots and skewers, which prevents spills and burn injuries. Ekogrip gloves make sure that you get a grip even on the slippery plates and pots. Since they are made up of BPA-free and non-toxic silicon, they are even simpler to wash and take care of.

BBQ gloves turn out to be one of the important accessories when it comes to roasting and grilling on barbeque. These gloves are available in three sizes, standard and the plus sizes. Ekogrip gloves are manufactured by the company Jolly Green Products which offers quality industrial products.

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